About us

Bringing Vibrancy to the Hammock World

Remember when you would go to buy socks and all they offered was white and black? Then Stance entered the game and brought a fun, creative personality to every sock. When my wife and I were looking for hammocks, all we found were dull, colorless hammocks, that is when we decided we would bring that same vibrancy to the hammock industry that stance brought to socks.
This is my wife and I. We take pride in the hammocks we have created and we don't believe in upsells. Which is why every hammock we sale comes with tree-friendly straps, 2 caribiners, and an inflatable pillow. Most hammock companies try to get you to buy one and then you end up getting forced into buying their straps, caribiners, water bottles, cupcakes, etc. We want you to be ready to hang in comfort with your first purchase. We can only sustain the pricing in this business model if we sell online only. We cut out the middleman and get you the best price.
We love the hammocks that we have created and we hope you do too. Our small team prides themselves on quality and professionalism. If for some reason you are not satisfied, send your hammock back with a guaranteed money back promise.
Thanks for checking out our website, contact us at campcloudhammocks@gmail.com for more information!
-Judd and Sarah